A2-Immune FAQs

Will A2-Immune  boost my immune system?

The healthy matrix comprising natural cold whey protein Undenatured has been shown to boost immune activity.

Does the product help with Diabetes?

A2 A2 proteins have been noted to facilitate regulation of Insulin/Glucagon balance, in the control of Type II Diabetes mellitus.

Does this whey affect muscle development?

Improvement in Body Mass Index can increase muscle/mass strength while reducing body fat.

Does the A2-Immune help with weight loss?

Increase protein with reduced carbohydrate intake, along with lifestyle changes should be part of a comprehensive health program. Total health requires that the subject be physically active, for example participating in aerobic fitness. This could include walking, cycling, swimming, or jogging with participation in such exercise for 10-20 minutes three times a week. Before starting any program consult with your health care provider.

What happens if I have been inactive for a while?

If you get out of breath the exercise is NOT aerobic. Also a stress management program will contribute to both disease prevention and getting back to good health.

Does the product work with vitamins and antioxidants?

The Aronia present in the A2-Immune is documented as an antioxidant. Similarly whey proteins have antioxidant properties.

Does A2-Immune have any effect in detoxifying the body?

Any product which improves the overall health of the body, including liver function, will help get Xenobiotics out of the body.

Does A2-Immune cause allergy?

A2 A2 proteins have been documented to be “less” likely to cause allergies. Check the literature and consult with health care provider. Like all milk proteins there is always a risk for an allergic reaction.

What makes this product any different from other cheaper products in the market?

The novelty of the product centers around the genetic selection of the specimens providing the matrix, along with the critical steps in the isolation procedure necessary to maintain the integrity of the product. Controlled delivery of bioactive macromolecules is an important component of regenerative science. Thus the isolation techniques prevent the denaturing of secondary, tertiary and quaternary structures. This provides the necessary multiple cues for cells and tissues, along with receptors to develop adequate function ability.

How does this work for improved health?

The facts are, our intact protein matrix allows for delivery of effective natural precursors. These remain stable in the circulation in and effectively cross the cell membranes barriers. This results in essential ingredients which produce significant replenishment to the body for both humoral and cellular responses.

Is the product free of hormones and antibiotics?

The product is evaluated for any contamination with Herbicide/Pesticide, hormones and antibiotics.

Does this product help all people?

Lifestyle determines reversal of disease, and reduction in environmental stressors and how they affect us. A2-Immune is offered as a part of a healthy living program. Everyone should live life fully, not spend their senior years sick waiting to die. All of us should have a Plan for Health.

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